Thursday, 31 October 2013

More elephant bunting

I posted recently on facebook that I was making elephant bunting for a friend, a different friend left me a comment asking if I had scraps then her little boy would love some elephant bunting for his elephant room.....This friend has always been so kind about my crafty exploits so I couldn't resist sending her a little treat, and whilst I had everything out I needed making an extra set of mini bunting really wasn't any trouble at all.

I sent this as a surprise so didn't want to ruin it by posting pictures last week and having to make up who it was for, blah blah blah....

well I now know it has arrived so can share this slightly different elephant bunting with you ....  so cute - this would look great in any nursery

Elephant Fabric Bunting

Elephant Fabric Bunting

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  1. AH, another fan of bunting! I love the elephant fabric...


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