Saturday, 11 May 2013

Trying something new - ATC swap

I read a fair few blogs, constantly adding more and more to my Bloglovin account (think there must be 150-200 on my list!). I'd love to tell you I read them all word for word religiously (like I expect you do with my blog!), but I don't. I flit in and out reading bits and bobs that interest me and leaving as many comments as I can.

Unfortunately this ad hoc method means I often miss out :(

Too many times I read a lovely post about a swap which I have missed and I'm always disappointed to have missed out. Well I've been looking out for swaps desperate not to miss out on the party again.

So when I spotted this ATC swap on VeryBerryHandmade I signed up, just as soon as I'd googled ATC to check what I was signing up to! Artist Trading Card don't you know!

So I have my partner (I can't tell you who it is though as its secret for the time being)


I've started to think about my design, it's tricky though as the card is only 2.5"x3.5" tiny really

Here's a sneak peak...

We are to post our cards first week of June, will share my final design with you then :)


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