Sunday, 12 May 2013

My bank holiday weekend - new pink apron

It was uncharacteristically hot here in Hampshire, England last weekend. Especially as it was a Bank Holiday, three days of glorious weather was almost more the us Brits could cope with.

Whilst most people were out enjoying the weather I was working. My super clever husband runs a garden centre and needed an extra pair of hands, so we enlisted our rather wonderful niece to look after our little man whilst I went to work. I actually had a blast for my 3 day weekend (don't tell husband that though or he'll get ideas about more regular free labour!)

I spotted a vintage apron pattern on Samantha and Heather's lovely blog Live it, Love it, Make it a little while ago

I'd been looking for an excuse to make it

So I spent the 2 evenings before my working weekend reading and re-reading the instructions, measuring, cutting, pinning and sewing. The apron came together quite quickly really. Was pleased with that as I hadn't left much time!

So here I am modelling my new apron by the bedding plants

I had to laugh when I opened a pallet of sacks of compost about 30mins after the shop opened for the day, and got covered in a lake of muddy rain water, but at least I was dry underneath, that's the whole point of an apron, right?


Wasn't laughing too much later that day when a lady wished me luck with the baby! And the following day when a different lady said I shouldnt help her lift her pots into her car incase I damaged m back whilst glancing at my stomach. I know I've put a few pounds on, but really!

Will be thinking hard before wearing it again.

I'm due to help out this coming weekend too, will let you know if I brave the apron, and if I get any comments about new additions to the family.

Just to clarify I'm not pregnant!


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