Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Stunning ever-so-chic washer necklace

Shattered from a day frolicking in the sun my little boy was fast asleep by 6pm on Saturday night.

2 free hours - what an unexpected treat

So I poured myself a large glass of wine, put the radio on and setup on the dining room table to create a necklace I'd pinned on Pinterest some time ago, I believe this tutorial was designed by Megan at Nestled blog


It's a really simple concept of ribbon and washers but love how taking 2 relatively ordinary items and then spending 5 minutes of wizardry suddenly produces something really quite chic.

All you need -
  • some metal washers - I got mine in a well known DIY store, £3.25 for a packet of 10, I used 2 packs.
  • About 1 metre ribbon - mine is 1cm wide and works perfectly with the 3/8" washers. I found this in the bargain bucket in my local curtain shop 2m for 79p
  • Needle / sewing machine and co-ordinating thread

I followed Megan's simple instructions and about 5 minutes of looping, threading and gently tugging - hey-presto - my washers were all threaded and looped onto the ribbon, looking rather fabulous, if I do say it myself....

You could definitely do the necklace with one pack of 10 washers, I pondered in front of the mirror debating adding more

I often suffer with overdoing crafty things - never mseem to know when to stop fiddling

I decided to go for more seen as I'd bought them anyway. Not sure about adding more than 20, it's quite a heavy piece

I was a bit concerned about using only a bow to fasten this, I've had bad experiences with necklaces tied in bows so wanted to make this fastening more secure.

With a full time job and a toddler I don't need anthing else to worry about

I've sewn the ends together as shown below - I allowed a 2cm overlap to machine zig zag then covered this by folding the ribbon over on itself and top stitching. I'm pretty certain this will hold even the strongest to toddler-tugs so I can be a worry free Mummy

Note - I struggled to get my machine to feed the ribbon with the pins in, hence the gap in the zig zag - just a warning incase you try this method.

So here is the finished necklace - rather proud of this, will be feeling pretty pleased with myself at work tomorrow

Costing less than £8 everyone can afford to be chic




  1. I agree, it looks very chic. The idea would probably work as a belt too, perhaps in a double row.


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