Thursday, 23 May 2013

Kit Review - The Craft Closet Clutch Bag

I've finally finished my The Craft Closet clutch bag. This was one of the treats I bought at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show.


To be honest I've had the stitching finished for a while, but in true Becca fashion I never got round to the final step. Inability to complete is not one of my best personality traits!

Here it is -

Now I just need somewhere to go....

cocktails anyone?

The kit was really well made, a cute brown box with everything wrapped in tissue inside. It made me feel like I really was opening something special, and it had everything you need - down to cute pink topped pins and 2 needles, the only element not included was fabric glue, thankfully I already had a tube.


The instructions were excellent, stepping through each element in a clear manner, there were photos to show some if the steps. I would have liked a few more photos as I've never created this type of bag before, but I read and reread the instructions few times which did the trick.

The thick tapestry wool meant the embroidery was therapeutically repeatitive whilst also building up quickly which played to my need for instant results well.

Really enjoyed the kit and I'd definitely recommend it, think it would made a great gift for a crafty friend

Now I'm off out with my new bag ;)



  1. The bag looks fabulous and it's first outing should, at the very least, be afternoon tea at the Ritz.

  2. mmmm afternoon tea at the Ritz does sound good...

  3. I love this bag. I know one of the girls too and she will be so happy you enjoyed making it!


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