Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fabric business card holder

Whilst I was so excited at my shiny new business cards I suddenly readlised I didn't have a business card holder


Rummaging through my bits and bobs draw I found some bits of felt (cheap thin felt, but felt all the same rummagers and be choosers!), a quick Pinterest search filled me with ideas and inspiration, here's the result - my new fabric business card holder


I'm a little concerned that it might stretch being felt, but maybe that will be good - might gradually manage to fit in more cards

Will be feeling very smart at Cybher on Saturday - well that is if the nerves step aside for 2 seconds. I'm a little scared, I don't really know anyone going, and there are going to be so many fabulous female bloggers there I'll basically be in awe


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  1. Have a great time. I look forward to reading about your day.


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