Tuesday, 2 April 2013

UFO Declaration

We all have a pile of projects which just need that last burst of energy to complete them. I know we are all the same as I keep spotting UnFinished Object posts on other blogs.

My pile is quite significant! It's not good. I've had some stern words with myself this morning and I am not allowed to start anything new until I start to finish some projects. This is a harsh reality of the state of my craft desk and (I hope) will spur on some energy to finish or ditch as I've got some lovely projects brewing in the back of my mind.


I've started well ditching a few projects including frogging an early attempt at knitting which didn't start well. It was part thrown in the textile recycling bin and part recovered to be used in another project


And here are some of the projects In my UFO pile at the moment

Ripple blanket - I've done 82 rows, reckon I'm about half way there, not ad seen as I only started in Jan/Feb

Zpagetti bag - loving the Hooked Zpagetti products so thought I'd give one of their bag kits a go - nearly completed



Mega stitched matt for the floor under my craft desk - about 1/3 complete


Quilt which was started years ago and I just need to finish quilting and bind

So no new projects for me until at least one of these is completed... Feeling exhilarated and deflated at the same time....although pleased I've shared this with you... Hi ho hi ho...




  1. Wow. Well done you for getting organised. What lovely UFOs you have!
    Entering into the spirit of confession, I have:
    -Crochet granny square baby blanket (all squares done & half sewn up)
    -Hand stitched patchwork (started at TKSS-no further on yet!)
    -Embroidered cushion cover (two thirds complete)
    -Embroidered silk painted sampler (may need to just be abandoned due to multiple errors in my eyes)
    -Numerous half finished wheat lavender bags/wraps (need filling & sewing closed)
    -Jumper knitted in the round (about an inch of ribbed waistband done)
    And lets not even go into the box of clothing repairs that have been pending for years...;)
    Or the box of patchwork fabric that MIL gave me at the weekend...Or the jelly rolls & charm packs & fat quarters that have just arrived today...Or the soya candle wax...or the crochet wrist warmers/fingerless gloves for myself I need to remake as I've lost them...
    So in conclusion you're really not doing too badly!
    Phew I feel better for that!
    Now how many Hail Mary's do I need to do? ;) x

    1. LOL....Abandoning and accepting they are never going to get done is quite therapeutic...looking at a smaller pile is slightly more manageable and achievable

      Feel for you with the crochet, I hate the sewing up. I only ever do massive grannies now little ones just dont ever conclude

      Good luck, its good to share ;o)


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