Friday, 12 April 2013

Part solving my UFO problem

I've been on a drive to finish some of my UFO projects since openly admitting to what was lurking under my craft desk here. The flurry of activity has kick started a couple of pieces but made me re-think others, there is a reason they are unfinished.


One such UFO is my big red, white and blue quilt.


I started this an age ago and it has a special place in my heart. My husband bought me a quilt book and the money to buy fabric for Christmas 2009 (yes you have read the right, 3 years ago!). Read about it here and here


It came on really well for my first quilt and I put the sandwich together in May 2010. But then I started the quilting. It didn't go well. The fabric seemed to move a few millimetres leaving puckers which I was unhappy with and the king-size bulk was just so huge to manipulate through the machine, my novice ambition was disheartened.


I love the fabric and the sentiment so was determind to finish this, BUT, as I've picked it up again

It isn't right

It's not perfect

I'm not proud of it

What to do?

I don't want to waste any more time or resources on the piece, so, I've cut it up. The fabric I can save will be used in other projects and the fabric I can't will be sent to fabric recycling to be made into house insulation so it's not really a waste.

It's been quite a learning experience I've learnt to -

Start small

Unpick as soon as it goes wrong

Don't be afraid to stop

Whilst its hard to take apart, at least it wont looking sorry and unfinished under my craft desk any more, that has to be a good thing.

Onwards and upwards, does this mean I can start something new now?

Have you admitted defeat on a large project?



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  1. It's great when someone takes pride in what they do. I like the way you don't waste anything. Thank you for this post!


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