Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Bunny treats

The Easter Bunny visited my house today much to the delight of my 2year old son. It's the first Easter we've introduced the Easter Bunny.... Someone visits and leave chocolate....amazing my son thought!

If you follow me on twitter or Facebook (if you don't links at the top left if the page) you will know that I started work on some Easter tags last week but in true Becca style was finishing them off last night! (I've never been one of those people finished days before the deadline.... I'm a midnight oil girl!)

I used this template from nanaCompany, 4 different designs - chick, bunny, egg and carrot. Fabric and ribbon scraps from my stash were used to make these so practically free just a bit of thread and some time



I scattered them round the house and garden to indicate a hidden Easter egg.


Meant I didn't have to remember where I'd put all the eggs and they help to direct my little man. Brilliant.


Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you



  1. Genius idea, with 2 little ones I make a list of where i hid the eggs these days

    Loving the blog

  2. Love the tags and the brightly coloured eggs.


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