Friday, 19 April 2013

iPad Mini Case

I bought my cute iPad mini just before Christmas and have been carrying it around in a shoe bag since then. I've looked in a few shops for an iPad mini case but the are all either hard, boring or wouldn't fit the iPad mini and the Smart Cover. What to do?
I had a free evening this week so set too to make myself a simple envelope style iPad mini case.
I struggled to choose the fabric I wanted from my stash as there were too many options, oops, need some serious stash busting.
Decided on yellow and grey with batting and lining recycled from my destroyed quilt.

I made a simple sandwich of the 3 fabrics, quilting diagonal lines, folding over the outer edge and then hand stitching the sides together.

I got to use another function on my new sewing machine - button holes, yay (loving the new purrs)

So here is the finished article, my new iPad mini case. Ready to grace the table of various coffee shops and trains as it becomes an essential item in my hand bag, and when it gets a but grubby I can pop it in the washing machine, ah the joy of homemade and handmade


  1. What a great idea, I recently got an Ipad mini (very self indulgent, would have been much cheaper to have gone for cake instead sigh!) I should really think about making something like this. A great idea.

    (Thanks so much for popping by to say "Hi" on my dragon sock puppet, hopefully bump into you June, I'll be the woman trembling in the corner, please come and save me lol x)

  2. Ooh, that's really cute! Much nicer than the ones you can buy in the shops :)

  3. Its brilliant and what a good idea. How and where can I put my order in?


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