Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Kit Review - Hooked Zpagetti Bag

Look what I've just made

As you know I'm a crochet addict. Over the past few years I've made blankets, necklaces, Christmas stockings and much much more. I spotted these kits in my local craft store and was intrigued.....


(picture from Google images)


The Hooked Zpagetti packaging was modern and funky, which is usually a good sign for me as it shouts that someone is taking care of the look and branding, it generally also means that the product is well thought through.

The the contents of the packaging were interesting....a lovely 10mm wooden crochet hook, some wooden (effect!) bag handles and 2 large cones of Zpagetti yarn-type-stuff.

The Zpagetti yarn was a stretchy, rolled cotton material, it looks like a t-shirt has been cut into long strips and rolled into a cone.


It had to be mine.....


A quick read through the instructions left me a little confused, the concept is simple but some of the wording was a little confusing. I think it may have been translated into English, but I got the general idea and the picture of the finished bag helped me understand what I was aiming for.

I took the plung and I was off, the chunky Zpagetti yarn and large hook meant this bag was created really quickly, I don't think it took me much more than 2 hours to complete the sides.

I was a little worried about the loose ends - how would I find a needle big enough to thread the chunky Zpagetti yarn through? But I found I could just use my fingers. Easy peasey. The handles are really easy to attach and you can personalise the bag however you choose.

I carry my life in my handbag so was a little worried about the Zpagetti yarn stretching and a lipstick escaping through the loops so whipped up a quick lining and hand stitched it around the top.


Really pleased with the results, I will be sporting my new bag to work tomorrow. I felt the Hooked Zpagetti kit was value for money and provided a quick return on your crafty-time investment, however, I was pleased I wasn't brand new to crochet as the instructions required a bit of interpretation.

There are a number if Hooked Zpagetti kits available if you fancy making a bag, alternatively you can buy the Zpagetti yarn on its own to make all sorts of home treats. The chunky nature of the Zpagetti yarn means it holds its shape, perfect for making baskets and other 3D objects. Think I might treat myself to another skein of Zpagetti yarn next time I'm in my local craft store so watch this space...


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