Monday, 4 March 2013

#imapiece - Installation live in Manchester

In January you may remember I mentioned the #imapiece work started by the Craftivist Collective in aid of Save the Children. The craft community, schools, group and any who heard the message were asked to create a jigsaw piece using a set template to with a poinient message. This is the jigsaw piece I created and submitted, the words are something I think about regularly in relation to my own little man. 

Over 600 jigsaw pieces were submitted (truely amazing) and on Friday 1st March they were carefully pinned together in Manchester's People's History Museum and shared with the world.

Doesn't it look amazing... (I can't spot my piece on the sure it is hiding somewhere)

(photo from Craftivist-Collective website)

The aim of the installation is to raise awareness of the global food crisis, with a special focus on child malnutrition. A great cause. I hope it makes a a step to making a change.

Read more from the Craftivist Collective and see more of there photos here

Its amazing what can be created when a talented bunch rally the craft world together and ask for support, I'm really pleased I was able to support this cause.


  1. What an amazing project for such a worthwhile cause. Hina

  2. That is incredible. Thank you for sharing. Lizzie

  3. thanks for sharing looks great. cant spot my peice either, but great to know we were part of the cause


  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies. It really is amazing isnt it.. wish I lived closer, I'd love to actually see it


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