Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Finished Patchwork Scottie Dog

You may remember that part 1 of my first Patchwork Scottie Dog didn't go well.... I started well drawing the design and cutting my pieces but it descended into disaster when I realise I'd created 2 of the same side...and then plummeted into an abyss when my sewing machine jammed a few pieces before finishing the final side. Someone was clearly trying to tell my I wasn't going to be finishing that dog in one sewing session.

Well my machine seems to have needed a rest rather than a full repair/replacement as with a kind word and some very minor tinkering this weekend by my parents it sprang back into youthful action.
So this morning I picked him back up again and got him finished

He's all ready for some action when my little man comes home from nursery this afternoon.
Did you have a Patchwork Scottie Dog when you were little?


  1. The Scottie Dog looks fabulous. I'm pleased your machine has a new lease of life and you were able to finish it.

  2. So cute and I'm sure your little man had lots of fun with him x

  3. That is such a CUTE creation! Was he a big hit with your son? I bet he was thrilled!


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