Friday, 29 July 2011

Crafting: A World Domination

As I continue my search into how crafting is striving for World Domination I have looked into the use of crochet into today's fashion. Conclusion: It's everywhere

Crochet shorts (or really crochet hot pants)

There were crochet shorts on I'm absolutely certain that I could not wear a pair of granny square crochet shorts, well lets be honest these are more crochet hot pants, but good luck to anyone with fabulous enough legs and bottom to wear these.

Having looked at the photos of these shorts they look quite simple to complete, 4 Granny Square corners sown together with a draw string around the top....maybe one day.....hmmm

Crochet Hairbands

There are crochet headbands in beautiful ivory in a delicate design. There are a large number of similar items on too

So pretty, wouldnt this make a wonderful wedding garland fpr a casual garden wedding?

Crochet Decorated Handbags
I'm always a little nervous about crochet handbags, or in fact knitted handbags for that matter either. I think this nervousness is about the potential for the yarn to become mis-shaped with use and I like to keep my bags immaculate. When it comes to bags I'm a leather girl.

However, I think that this basket bag from Julien MacDonald might be the perfect solution. It has a base of straw with crochet detail

I love how the light textured straw of the basket base shows through between the crochet loops. Would be a perfect bag for the summer.

So whether you like the idea of strutting your stuff by the beach in crochet hot pants, adorning your glossy locks with a crochet head band or going to the local farmer's market with your crochet shopping bag it looks like there is something for everyone as crochet continues to strive for world domination.

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