Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Christmas in July

As we enter July we are all thinking of summer holidays, BBQs and relaxing in our flower filled gardens whilst our high-street retailers are all considering when is too-soon to bombard us with Christmas Carols, fake snow and sparkly baubles. Is it just me or have you also noticed Christmas is starting in September / October these days?

Personally, I think its shocking we can't seem to enjoy each season for its own merit. I love the Indian summers we have experienced in September recently and then there are the beautiful oranges and browns that autumn offers before the long nights of winter draw in allowing us all to hibernate in our cosy homes with a mug of tea and a packet of biscuits (because there are months until we need to be seen in that swimsuit)

This year I have a little confession....Christmas is making a fairly early appearance in the Becca-Lou household.

Yes we are having a little bit of Christmas in July.

No we do not have any decorations up, nor is the CD player primed to blast out "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" at the mere press of a button.

I have simply realised that projects take a little longer to complete now that the little man is here, so in order to ensure my Christmas tapestry is completed by the big day I have started it a little early. 6 months early to be exact. Its nice to be prepared. And this is a monster of a tapestry so its going to take me a little while to complete.

Have you started any Christmas crafty projects yet or is the rest of the world putting off the thought of Christmas until after the summer? Has anyone else started Christmas in July?


  1. Hi I have purchased some presents already and have a list of ideas for makes as presents but I haven't started any yet.

    I tried to respond to you about the spaceship at Ewell. It is Bourne Hall, it looks just like a spaceship.


  2. I'm doing another home made Christmas this year so will be starting to make very shortly. It takes a lot of time and if you don't want to end up in a mad panic in December, best to start early.
    Good luck with your tapestry, it looks lovely.
    Ali x


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