Friday, 1 July 2011

Crafting: A World Domination

Wow crafting is everywhere.

I see people on the tube with their knitting needles out, in the Dr's surgery doing embroidery and now I've just found this quilted Glastonbury sign which was at the festival last weekend.

Where will crafting go next in its bid for world domination????

FYI - watch this space for a sneak peek of a quilt I'm working on for a special friend.....


  1. It's not so much that the email bounced as that your account is set to no-reply, which means that I can't hit "reply" on a comment you leave - so I've got no way to email you rather than comment over here. If you reply to this comment, you see my email address... Anyway. Let me know your address and I'll pop the cross-stitch pattern in the post - and don't worry, the cost of a large letter stamp won't kill me - if you like, you can stick some change in a charity collection box instead of reimbursing me...

  2. Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog!
    Wow, the festival sign is amazing!


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