Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Quilted Play Mat

I gave you a sneak peak of this play mat last week just as I was off to the post office to send it on to my dear friend for her beautiful new baby.

Now that the present has all been received I want to share it with you in full.

I hope that the little man has many a happy hour playing on this play mat.

I'm rather superstitious when it comes to baby gifts, I never like to start them until the little one has made an appearance, this generally means that its "all stations go" once I receive that happy call / text to let me know that they are with us. I chose the simple design for this play mat so that it was relatively quick to run together on the sewing machine with limited complicated cutting and piecing together. I think it took me a day in total to complete, so quite reasonable really.

It took just part of a jelly roll so I have a plan for the other blue strips, watch out for another quilt coming soon.


  1. Wow, thats incredible! Very professional and such straight lines!!


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