Saturday, 1 May 2010

Technology Failure

I'm a little disgruntled writing to you this Saturday afternoon....I wrote a heart felt post this morning over breakfast on my iPhone Blog App about the link I'm finding between my mood and the craft tools I choose, whilst R was engrossed in the Saturday papers and no doubt the latest wrangling between our potential Prime Ministers.

Was just checking a few bits on the laptop and puff its disappeared...I'd heard that other people had had problems with the iPhone BlogPressLite App but didnt think it would do this to me right now...grrr

It was one of those right place and time blog moments...

Silly how much we rely on these gadgets...I guess I shouldn't be cross, it's a handheld electronic gismo which cost less than £150, in fact I think the App was free, has let me down. But as we move from pen and paper to electronics we just expect things to work all the time and every time.

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