Monday, 18 November 2013

Project Update

I've been following a lot more crafty people and companies on Facebook recently, its nice to have a little crafty injection when I manage a 2 minute break at work to refresh facebook.

A favorite at the moment is And Sew We Craft, they regularly post funny crafty photos and this one really made me chuckle 

It's so true...

Really got me thinking about all the promises we make to ourselves about not starting projects, I hear myself thinking this all the time but I rarely manage to actually see it through 
Somehow my fingers manage to make their way to that new book or that new pile of fabric or just maneuver my car into the car park at the local craft shop...I surely cannot be blamed for these incidents over which I have little control?  
Well in the spirit of desperately trying not to start anything knew, I thought I would own up to the projects which are as yet unfinished (but are well on their way!) 

Ripple Blanket
I'm 120 rows in....yes really 120 rows I had to count twice....but I'm not finished. I don't really know how many rows I'm planning but is isn't quite long enough so I'm still going.

Lovely a warm to sit under and make on a blustery autumn evening

I'm loving the colours.... it's so Missoni 

Ripple Crochet Blanket

Ripple Crochet Blanket

Liberty Quilt
Not sure I've shared this project with you, other than mentioning I'd bought the fabric and pattern at the Knitting and Stitching Show in October 

As you can see it's a tree, I've cut out about 100 flower pieces, tree trunk and butterflies and am now in the process of applique-ing these on to a fabric sandwich...its actually not taking as long as I'd feared...
tree trunk just the 80ish flower pieces to go! 

Liberty Patchwork Applique Tree

Liberty Patchwork Applique Tree

Loving working on this, and working with Liberty fabric is such a massive treat 


Ok, so now I've admitted to my 2 mammoth ongoing projects is it a good time to admit I'm starting another one??

I will also point out right now that I have just joined the Quilty Fun Sew Along being ran by Lori Holt and a raft of quilty bloggers so yes I'm about to start something new....oh well it's the thought that counts right???

This runs right until March 2014! 

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