Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Happy New Year and Quilty Fun Sew Along

Happy New Year

Feels a little odd saying that in February...what are the rules on Happy New Year, do you say it the first time you meet someone after the new year or is February passed the Happy New Year deadline.... 


I hope 2014 is treating well

So....I've been away a while, life got a little crazy in November last year. One of my peers at work was taken suddenly ill and I was asked to babysit their work and team until they came back in January. I must have been doing something right as I was asked to take over their work as well as mine on a permanent basis. Really great opportunity but I went from a cosy team of 5 to a team of 15 with 8 vacancies over night... lets just say I've been busy! 

So not a great deal of crafting has been taking place here

Life has started to calm down a little as work becomes more stable and we all move into a new rhythm, I've even had my cutting mat and sewing machine out this week to continue with the Quilty Fun Sew Along I started last year. 

The sew along is to make a quilt like this ...

The idea is that each week we make a new patch, with guidance from a quilting / blogging pro and support from a quilting book. But, I'm a little behind - I think everyone else is on patch 12, I'm just starting on 6. But hey isn't it the taking part which is important. 

Here are my creations so far

(sorry about this picture quality....light is just horrendous this evening)

I'm learning lots of new techniques which is good fun and my cutting is certainly getting quicker and more strategic - 28 x 1.5" squares were cut this evening in no time! 

That's it from me this evening but just ask you to pop back in a couple of days - I've got 2 tickets to giveaway for the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show in London

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  1. Great to read your blog and see you have been able to find some time for crafting in your busy schedule.


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