Friday, 8 November 2013

Autumn ATC Swap

It was an exciting post week here in the Becca Lou household, there is only one thing better than sending a parcel; it's receiving one. And this week was ATC Swap week. The swap was again run by Ali over at Very Berry Handmade and the theme was appropriately Autumn

I had a idea straight away for my design - as I have a 3yr old son Autumn is generally spent searching for and then jumping in puddles, or me shouting "Nooooo", running and quickly scooping him up if we have gone out without wellies. It is fun jumping in puddles an adult you cant really do it unless you have a toddler in tow! Such a shame.

So here is my homage to jumping in Autumn Puddles

Autumn ATC Swap

Now, the design and creation of the front of an ATC is the easy bit as far as I'm concerned. I don't know why but I always find the reverse so much more challenging and surely that should be the easy bit - it is just a name and contact details for goodness sake. 

To me it is a bit like that last section of school course work - you get the majority of it done but leave the hard bit till the night before the deadline...that was me on Sunday night....eagerly stitching the reverse trying to figure out the right answer before posting on Monday as per the deadline! 

This time it only took me 4 attempts to get it right
1. This is the final version - ink rollerball pen on calico hand switched to the back
Autumn ATC Swap

My failures
2. the pen looked messy
3. I thought cross stitch might look nice - nope!
4. I wondered about programming my sewing machine but this just looked too formal 

Now look what I received in the post
Isn't it lovely 
It will have pride of place on my craft shelf..
I'm one lucky lady

Autumn ATC Swap

If you want to see some of the other ATCs created check out the flickr site

Hoping there will be another swap in spring next year, this is my second swap and really enjoying it. If you know of any more please let me know



  1. Both swaps are unique and capture the moment. They are lovely.

  2. Both of these ATCs are lovely - I'm eagerly anticipating receiving mine :)


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