Sunday, 10 November 2013

Weekend Stitching - Patchwork Coasters Trial

I did a spot of shopping last week...
I know I'm meant to be saving money but I spotted this tutorial by Lori Holt on the Fat Quarter Shop for some easy patchwork coasters which I couldn't resist. Plus I keep seeing patterns which use charm cakes plus it is nearly Christmas. And I need some Christmas patchwork in my life.......
so basically it wasn't my fault at all that 2 charm packs from Moda cyber-jumped into my basket on eBay. 
I was a victim really! 

After a little pinning, stitching, cutting and they are.... 

Monochrome Patchwork Coasters

Monochrome Patchwork Coasters

Monochrome Patchwork Coasters
My first attempt at coasters didn't turn out to bad....starting to wish I'd taken up the offer of the village craft fair. Oh well I'd probably be stressed beyond belief right now if I had agreed to do, and stressed crafting is rarely fun. 

Monochrome Patchwork Coasters

So my next task is to make some Christmasy placemats and coasters. Just the 3 of us for Christmas this year, pleased I don't have all the family here and don't have to make 15 of them!

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  1. Love these so much :) I really want to do patchwork things but my cutting is appauling. Have also been eyeing up charm packs and jelly rolls....oops!


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