Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Finally Finishing - My Little House

I think I've mentioned before that I really struggle to finish projects.

I truly love the excitement of a new project. Getting the right tools out, shopping for the necessary materials, planning my development, these seduce me every time. Once the initial new project excitement wears off I really have to press myself to keep going.

That new project excitement usually lasts right up until the very last stage. This means that I'm usually left with lots of 90% complete projects requiring that one last push to complete. I even leave the projects in view so I see them regularly, and every time I see them I feel a little disappointment in myself for not having the commitment to complete the project. I do find this quite embarrassing, why cant I be more disciplined to commit to finishing what I start, this cant be a particularly good personality trait. This challenge doesn't stay at home either, I suffer at work too but there I have managers and annual pay reviews to spur me on, maybe I need to ask hubby to take up this role at home??? what an idea!

Does anyone else suffer with this? Do you also have an embarrassing pile of UFOs??? (UnFinished Objects?)

I found this little house in a magazine late last year and just had to have a go at it. It's so cute. I diligently completed the detailed stitch work on all 4 sides some time ago and it has been sat in this state for months.

At the weekend I put dinner into cook and had 30 minutes spare, and I got this project finished. It only took 30 minutes to do the final stage but I have been sitting on it for months, pathetic I know. I even made a little internal bag of rice so this is weighted at the bottom.

Now that it is finished I'm really pleased with the result. However, I'm really not sure where to put it right now, T is becoming more and more mobile, and being 9months old EVERYTHING is destined to be tested on his 4 little teeth. Not sure how the stitching would survive the rugged biting and tugging they will be subjected to. Maybe my cute little house will be destined for a cupboard until the biting phase is over.

Do you have any tips for avoiding the growing pile of UFOs? or do I just need to be harsher with myself and not allow the starting of new projects until the previous one is finished? All thoughts gratefully received


  1. Instead of being harsher with yourself, you could try being easier on yourself. Being a mom takes a lot of time and energy. It's okay if you have UFO lying around. Although it is a cute house. :)

  2. I love your house! :) It's so cute and very well done. :)
    I'm with you- I deal with UFOs too. I think we just need to make ourselves finish what we start...which could be next week or...in a few years... :) hee hee Or you could try bringing the unfinished project to the dentist or doctor's office's waiting room or something like that and finish it there. Just an idea. :)

  3. @Marilyn - very true, time does get sucked into a children vacuum. Things are better now but I remember when managing to have a shower was my main achievement of the day, and I didnt always manage to do that!

    @HappyHands - so pleased to hear I'm not the only one with a UFO challenge. I like the idea of taking things with me. Although maybe not the quilt I'm working on ;o)


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