Monday, 31 May 2010

A is for....

Thank you for all the kind words.....I've obviously know about the little one for a while know so have been buzzing away getting bits'n'bobs done so I'm pleased to be able to share some of this with you now.

I got a little excited about bump at the Stitch and Craft show in April and bought various kits and patterns which I will share over time as I make them up.

I started with the item which I thought required the most craft-hours...and boy was I right so far. Its a cross-stitch sampler, a classic design from the Historical Sampler Company

Here's the first letter....

It's an interesting choice of picture for A, think I would have gone with a traditional "Apple" but hey looks like my little one will be learning a wide vocab from an early age...

I think I've mentioned before that my Grandma was a big cross-stitcher and I've still got the sampler she made me for my birth so I wanted to do something for my little one. I'm still learning about about the craziness I can expect when bump arrives so am attempting to do all the work now so that only the name, date and framing are left to do.


  1. I guess they tried to be unusual with the alphabet. They could have tried aardvark.

    I think you're wise to get all your crafting done now. Now that I have two kids, I realize one wasn't so hard but going from none to one was a bit of a shocker for me and I still haven't picked my needle up again. (Although you are obviously much more crafty than I am and I'm sure you won't lay your needle down for as long as I have.)

  2. Hi Becca-Lou - thanks for stopping by my blog. The Red houses cross stitch didn't actually take that long as there is a lot of open space, but I don't really count hours as I tend to do it in front of the telly... It's stitched on either linen or openweave - I really dislike the Aida stuff as it looks and feels stiff to work with, and also, doesn't handle half stitches easily. But that's just my personal preference... I have started a new cross-stitch - photos of my progress in a week or so.

    Kate (also in Surrey)


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