Friday, 28 May 2010

A little bit of news

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve taken a step back from blogging in the last couple of weeks I’ve simply not been able to focus my mind away from the huge voice shouting at the back of my head……and I haven’t been ready to share with you until now….

I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you that I’m pregnant….am now 21 weeks and have quite a bump, ooh its so exciting.

My mind has been racing with bloomers, cot quilts, softie toys, nappy bags, crocheted blankets, and lots more things I simply can’t wait to start making but I’ve been holding off until I was a little further along…..I’ve got books, material and all sorts ready to go and have sooo much blogging material stacked up that expect an influx of posts now I'm public online.

I’ve honestly been bursting to tell you and wanting to blog about it for ages but also been cautious to keep quiet until it was the right time, and having just had my second scan, which we both passed with flying colours, now is the right time.

So our new arrival is due at the beginning of October I’m looking forward to a summer of making goodies and remodelling the spare room into some sort of nursery.

So happy to have shared this with you…. Have a great weekend....I'm off to Amsterdam for a good friend's Hen Party (alcohol-free champagne for me)



  1. Congrats to you! How exciting and well done for keeping hush, that's the hardest no...I think we all know which bit is the hardest bit but we won't dwell on that just yet!!! Word to the wise from someone with an almost 18 month old - whatever you fancy doing - crocheting, reading a good novel, sewing, travelling, hanging out with mates, visiting art galleries, etc, etc...Do it now! It certainly won't happen for a long time after baba shows up!! He, he!! Oh and rest, put your feet up and enjoy being the pampered pregnant one! x

  2. Hi Rebecca

    Congrats on the pregnancy. I've just put another photo of your granny square blanket on my blog to show what past students have made, it will go live at 1pm today. I wondered how your other Granny Sqaures had come along ... I know you doing one a day at some stage. Anyway you'll have much fun crocheting and cross stitching lots of thinsgs for your new arrival. Congrats once again and best wishes.

  3. Congrats!!! How exciting to have a little one on the way. My daughter was born on October 17 so maybe your new addition will be born around the same time...two years after her.


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