Sunday, 15 November 2009

Headband type thingy

I was a little bored today on a rainy Sunday afternoon, with my quilt all finished I found my self looking at a ball of yarn and my crochet hool.

So I made a loop and had a play with no real intension. I started with a magic ring (I found this great magic ring tutorial from Planet Jane during the week) and then did 2 double crochets into each stitch to make a really full round. After a couple of rounds I was left with a fairly large circle. So what is a girl to do???? Make a coaster or make a hat....oh yes I made a hat / facinator by attaching a couple of chains. It's an interesting result, not really sure where I'm going to wear this the only place I think I could possible get away with it is skiing (although won't exactly be warm!) anyway I'm quite impressed with my (somewhat strange) creation.

I'm willing to do these on commission if you fancy one for an event you might have coming up ;o)

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