Monday, 23 November 2009

Christmas Fabrics

I discovered Fat Quarters near Newcastle Upon Tyne this weekend. A quaint quilting shop in the middle of the picturesque Northumberland countryside. Of course I couldn't escape from the shop without getting some Christmasy bits.

I intend to make some mini Christmas Stockings to hang on the tree out of this and other scraps of material I have hanging around. Hopefully I'll have the time to complete this project before the big day.

They also had some lovely cotton on rolls to make larger quilts, maybe someday I will have a go at this, there is only so much craftiness one girl can do at once

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  1. It truly was a quaint little store. It isn't often that on entering a shop you are invited to have tea or coffee. There was a lot going on in a small space - lots of craft products to buy, most of which were related to doing patchwork, as you would expect but also a course in session at one side.


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