Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Eco-Haberdashery Shop

Today I discovered a Crafty Wonderland right on the doorstep of my office.

The Eco-Haberdashery Shop housed on the first floor of the Oxo-Tower overlooking the Thames, is a treasure-trove of goodies. This shop belongs to Annie Sherburne the founding member of the International Felt makers association, experienced jewellery designer and award winning rug maker.

All items are either vintage, handmade or enviromentally sourced. I spent ages browsing the organic yarns, crafty tools and handmade jewellery which is displayed in shallow drawers so you almost feel like you are in some amazing bedroom with permission to rifle through all the sparkly delights. I could easily have spent a fortune but in the knowledge that Christmas is around the corner I resisted and came away only with this stunning handmade metal brooch which has been cleverly designed with a hook to fit a necklace on the back so it can also be worn as a pendant. This will look great against this season's thick knits or to give a feminine touch to a boyfriend blazer or even on the side of a trilby, oh... the possibilities are endless.....

It’s a really inspirational shop to browse and the quality and variety of the yarn available means I will certainly be back when my skill level has improved and I have an idea in mind.

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  1. You need babies to knit little matinee coats for like Grandma did, seriously that is one cool piece of jewellery - shopping in London is soooo much better than Leeds you are so lucky.


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