Friday, 9 August 2013

Still Mulling Over the Christmas Craft Fair

I shared last week that I was contemplating having a stand at a my village Christmas Craft Fair. I asked for an application form - its £20 and runs 12-5pm. Still not sure about it, I've got that little voice in my head telling me that it is all a waste of time, do you get that annoying little voice too? 

I'd planned that today was going to be a dry run. I've managed to wriggle a day off work with the house to myself - hubby at work and little man at nursery. The plan was to make a few items to see how they go and get a sense of what I can make in a day if I did indeed want to stock a Christmas Stall. 

Well, my day hasn't exactly gone to plan. Little man came home from nursery yesterday and promptly threw up all over me (well better me than the carpet, I'm fully washable!). He is still unwell today so not gone to nursery. I think he is on the mend, not been sick again and he just wants to watch Disney movies and sleep, I'm hoping he will be cured of what ever nasty bug came to visit soon. So understandably I haven't got on with any crafting. Maybe this is a sign? 

I did find a couple of crafty hours yesterday and had a little play with my circle cutter. I made this, what do you think? 

Felt Christmas Decoration

I think it's pretty cool - both sides are the same

It's a modern bauble

Felt Christmas Decoration

I would hang it on my tree

The big question is would anyone else? and would they pay money for it? 

Think I do need that day of total craftiness to see if I can make bits that people would love to buy 

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