Thursday, 8 August 2013

#declutterday week 4 and link to my guest post

Hi, sorry I've been a little quiet this week, lots going on at home and I've been in the office working more than usual - this hasn't taken me away from crafting but it has taken me away from the computer to write to you. Hope you are having a good week. 

I've also been busy writing a guest post....very exciting to be asked...

Michelle over at the Purple Pumpkin Blog has taken August off from blogging and has asked a few of us to take the helm and write a post for her (she is off on a lovely long holiday lucky lady). 

I spent ages thinking about what to write, should it be crafty? should it be something totally random? should it be #declutterday? I was surfing the deadline to get this written and had sever writers block. In the end I decided to do a #delcutterday post about an area of my home I've been wanting to tackle but hadn't because I didn't know what to do with the bits I no longer needed/wanted. I wanted to sort out my underwear I've sorted, and recycled - read my post to find out what you can do with your old bras to support a good cause and make getting dressed a joy not a challenge  

Orlando Funding Challenge

As I sit her writing to you I am surrounded by outgoing eBay parcels of good stuff we no longer need but hopefully someone else will love. Will share these with you next week. 

ta ta for now...more crafting to share very soon

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