Thursday, 1 August 2013

#declutterday week 3

I really do
I love plain ones
I love flat ones
I love heeled ones

But most of all I love pretty ones

My shoe collection has grown to mammoth proportions over the years - it doesn't seem to matter how your body weight fluctuates your feet stay the same and your shoes always fit, don't you love shoes for that. I've always seen then as an investment
(well unless you blow up like a balloon whilst pregnant and your feet start to resemble large pies....thank goodness they deflated after the birth!) 

I've always had this love affair with shoes (and also with bags but that declutter is for a different day) and a sort out was really needed.

I've started this week with my summer sandals, if I haven't worn them so far this summer then they've been assessed. Have to admit I wasn't as firm as I should have been but I have managed to sell 3 pairs on eBay. 

I also managed to sell 2 DVD boxsets for a tidy sum, every little helps. 

So this week's decluttered items are ...

Not bad and more ordered approach than last week... my decluttering is improving. 

So how is the Mickey Reveal shaping up in week 3? 

#declutterday week 3

It's still a long way to go but I've got 23 weeks.....fingers crossed

Which draw / cupboard / shelf have you tackled this week? How are you getting on?


  1. Ooh, don't think I could have chucked any of those shose out... the others must be magnificent!

  2. Well done. I've got a whole pile of things I've found to sell, but haven't got round to putting them on ebay yet. Something I hope I'll start soon. My entry from last week


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