Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Posting my ATC

Its time to reveal the Artist Trading Card (ATC) I have blogged about before here

Its the first time I've taken part in a crafty swap, I've read about so many of them on other blogs but always been to late to take part and honestly a little scared too

what if I'm no good?
what if they don't like what I make?

When I saw this ATC swap on Very Berry Handmade's blog I manned up and signed up. It seemed so far away when I first signed up in April, but being a little nervous about the whole thing I started thinking about the design right away.

The finished article is really small - just 2.5" x 3.5" so I had to scale down my original ideas just to be more achievable. I wanted to try something new, and wanted to use a number of new skills so putting my novice machine embroidery to the test I made an outdoor camping scene, and also created some bunting out of shrink plastic.  

So here it is 

Fabric ATC, Fabric Artist Trading Card
ATC finished and ready to post

I've really enjoyed the process of sketching this out, creating and then posting this item for someone who I have never met (although I have read her blog). I really do hope she likes it, and I'm looking forward to a parcel dropping on my doorstep and sharing it with you.

I've enjoyed having a play at something new and wont be too worried about signing up immediately for another swap as soon as I see someone is running one. 

But I am now sat eagerly watching the letter box waiting for one to arrive for me...what a treat. 


  1. I Becca, I have just opened my ATC thank you so much I love love love it xx

  2. Shirley, so pleased you liked it. The one for me arrived this morning. Its so lovely opening the post to find a treat. I might be addicted to swaps now... ;o)

  3. Oh it looks lovely!! Though I'm also always way too scared to join in on any of the craft sway thingeys so you are also a much braver lady than me!


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