Thursday, 20 June 2013

How does your garden grow? For #kidsgrowwild

As I've mentioned before I enjoy pottering in the garden, this summer im especially enjoying it as my son is old enough, at almost 3yrs, to help out. And its great seeingthe plants and bugs through his eyes. So, when BritMums contacted me and asked if I'd like a kids gardening kit I quickly replied "yes please"

#kidsgrowwild kit
The kit had everything a budding young gardener needed and my little man was especially pleased with his very own packs of seeds

"Shhh, Mummy listen, makes a noise" - vigorous shaking of packets
"Oops" - rips open pansy seeds over coffee table
"Look Mummy tiny seeds" - chubby little fingers pointing excitedly
Great - coffee table has grooves in it, some of those seeds are never coming out, will watch out for pansies sprouting soon, LOL
maybe I can start a new trend? Flowing tables?!
Anyway, we made it into the garden and started our work. Flowerbed received an initial attack, thankfully we'd planned to rip it all out which was quite exciting when you are 2yrs old. Lots of digging with shiny new green tools, lots of pulling up of plants with new glowes, uncovering bugs, and lots of things for the big pink garden bucket.

digging the garden
Checking on our micro veg patch we may be self sufficient (for part of one meal) soon peas and courgettes growing nicely
courgette flowers
We then got into the planting of seeds, which included a visit to the garden centre to select pots and compost.
Pots filled
Seeds planted
Very well watered (with shiny new watering can)
We sat back and waited.....
A week later the sprouting has begun, it's all very exciting
I'm a little concerned that my son's play house and pots in his "front garden" are tended too more carefully than the rest of the garden put together. But it's great to teach him about nature and growing our own food no matter how small.

We had a great time in the garden and my little man is loving have his own tools "just like Mummy's". Long may the summer last

I was sent the #kidsgrowwild kit free of charge, the words of this post are all my own. This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge


  1. Some fabulous words and pictures. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. I'm loving seeing all the children enjoying playing with their gardening kits. I'm not a gardener, but the kit has also encouraged me to do some weeding! I particularly like his play with the plant pots our front; how domesticated!


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