Monday, 20 September 2010

When size really does matter....

Everything in my life seems to be baby related at the moment, I suppose that is fairly understandable seen as I'm 38 weeks pregnant and havent seen my feet for many months now. Unsurprisingly the imminent arrival of a little one has had fingers whizzing and needles clicking all over the country.... to varying degrees of success....

A cute little cardigan from a proud Great-Gran to be

Adorable booties from a beaming Gran to be

And an almost disaster created by Mum to be .... Me.... I found a pattern online for a cute crochet baby hat...I promise I followed the instructions to the letter....I bought the right size yarn, the right size hook and although I know I dont always get my tension exact I wasnt exactly expecting my creation to fit me....

There are only 2 possible reasons for this extra large baby hat
1) some babies are born with an eye-watering head size
2) I did something wrong

In order not to freak myself out too much I'm going with option 2 and am hoping for a cold winter so I can get some use out of my accidental creation which I actually quite like. Maybe I should stick to getting relatives to make treats for the baby...I'll stick to grown up sizes...


  1. As they say, they can always grow into it.....and in the meantime you have a fab new hat to add to your yummy mummy wardrobe! Try not to focus on the head size, babies heads are soft, that's all you need to think about! Sorry I have been absent, no exciting excuses, just life with an energetic toddler....but you have all this to come! Thanks for asking after me, that is so sweet!! I guess you could be consumed with with the demands of motherhood any day now! How very exciting! Will be thinking of you and look forward to hearing your news. Take care and don't forget to 'Breeeeeathe'.....or just suck up the gas and air like I did. x

  2. I quite like your accidental creation. It will go well accessorized by a new wee creature.

  3. wow - the craftiness is definitely in the genes, cardi and booties sooo cute!


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