Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Pom Pom Tastic

I have about a million ideas flying around my head of projects I'd like to try. This afternoon I thought I'd have a go at one and decided to make a Pom Pom, somthing that every 8 year old will no doubt be able to do in their sleep, but something I haven't done for too many years to mention.
Having searched the internet for a gentle reminder of the techniques I started to create....
Cut out 2 x donuts of cardboard with a little V towards the middle (helps when winding the yarn)
then start to wind the yarn....was shocked at how much yarn was needed and very pleased that I had chosen a cheap acrylic to have a go with. Maybe a smaller template would have been a good place to start, but hey I was thinking BIG when I started this project
still winding yarn.........................................
then snip snip snip around the edge of the yarn. Thought this looked liked it could be a cute character in the muppets...unfortunately I dont have any wobbly eyes to stick on :o(
tie MORE yarn around the middle of the ball inbetween the 2 card donuts, remove voila....pom pom tastic, soooo simple
I've got a couple of ideas I want to use pom poms for, but think will see if I can find a template or at least a ratio for the size of the middle circle vs outer circle in order to make take the right amount of yarn for the perfect pom pom...I know....I'm a geek!!! Will share what (if anything) I find.

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  1. You know what's funny, is that I was just reading about making pompoms the other day. I still haven't attempted it though since I'm focused on conquering crochet first.


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