Wednesday, 29 September 2010

One Fat Granny Square

Whilst I do love the simplicity of making Granny Squares....
Letting my fingers do the work whilst I mainly daydream
The huge range of interesting and innovative designs which are available
The colours
The possibility
And never really knowing what the final result will look like
I have to admit that seeing the pile of square growing results in a dramatic mix of emotions for me.

JOY - I love seeing things grow and am a collector at heart so seeing the pile of colourful squares grow is wonderful....the potential....stepping closer to the finishe product

DREAD - I've never been a Completer Finisher....has anyone else been forced to review their role within a team on work away days????
This means I see the ever growing pile as a chore....this colourful little squares will all need stitching together and whilst it is the merging of the squares which actually produces the end product I find it such a dull job that it fills me with dread.

I have found a solution to this character issue, it isnt exactly rocket-science, I have figured out that if I make big squares rather than little ones there is no more stitching seems to simple when its thought through. I love the creative part but hate the remove the stitching...yay.

So here is my first big fat Granny Square. I've made this as a cot / pram blanket for bump when he/she arrives.

I guess there is probably a practical maximum size that one of these single squares can get to...might see if a double bed size is possible, maybe not one to complete on the train!


  1. Big fat granny squares could be the latest craze. You could start selling them on Etsy.

  2. I have no idea how to make a granny square! I can crochet, but haven't done it for so long - I really should pick up my hook and yarn and get stitching :D

    I too am not a finisher - I've got a bunch of knitted squares to make a quilt that have never been stitched together -_-

    Thank you for sharing this at #FlashbackFridays!


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