Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Metal Clay Play

I treated myself to a spot of metal clay play recently. This is the first time I've had a good play with the materials since my day-course last year.

I bought a few bits straight after the course full of motivation and enthusiasm, well life happened and I never quite got round to it. Whilst the metal clay material is pliable and relatively easy to manipulate into a design its flaw is that it can be over handled and can start to dry and crack quickly.

So I locked the men (big and small) out of the vicinity I set out to play. Having created my ideas in blue-tac I opened the Silver Clay and made a couple of charms for necklaces or charm bracelets, I'm pretty happy with the results. So simple but so effective.

I really love the clean sharp lines on the surface of the metal and how the pattern is given more depth as light is shined on it.

I made some other bits and pieces which I'm still firing and watch this space for another metal clay update soon.

If you would like to work with metal clay I set out a little information in a previous post. Do let me know if you have a go and how you get on.


  1. Simple but effective is right. Lovely piece xx

  2. Your PMC work is lovely Becca. I have had some success with PMC but don't use it often as it's so expensive. These are really nice :-)


  3. I've never heard of metal clay before! These look very pretty - I love the effect of them - they really do stand out.

    Thansk for sharing this at Flashback Fridays xx

  4. Not sure if my last message went through!

    Just to say again - very pretty! I've not heard of metal clay before. I can relate to the life getting in the way thing!

    Thanks for sharing at Flashback Fridays


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