Monday, 9 August 2010

Metal Clay Class

Well I've had a great weekend, hope you had a good one too.
The jewellery class on Saturday was a great success, I might actually be hooked. Here are new sparkly pieces which are all my own design....

I worked with Metal Clay which is dried and fired. Then once buffed and polished reveals a solid silver treat.

Firstly I modelled my pieces in polymer clay (like playdough) until I was happy with the design. Below is a polymer and a Metal Clay piece
Then after a little elbow grease (and a trip to the polishing barrel for some pieces which is a magical lazy option) I walked away from the class with some earrings, a ring and of course my leaf and stone set pendant...I am rather pleased with myself. Thoroughly recommend the day...
I still have an awful lot to learn but will be practicing at home as this really doesn't need any specialist equipment....I've got a table, radiator and a creme brulee torch...silver treats here I come


  1. Oooh- luvverly! You are a talented lady! I wanna go to a class too! Did you find out where to get (actually, you did say the other night didn't you, but I have forgotten again...B x

  2. Oh wow!!! how exciting, you have no idea how I love to make my own jewelry. Your pieces look fantastic!!! Would you give me more information about this method??? Is is called Metal Clay? I've never heard of this :/ I love it!!!..

  3. Those look FAB!! I've been wanting to try out jewelry design but wasn't sure what types are out there beyond the typical bead necklaces so many women make (which are nice but not exactly what I wanted to do). I love that this is an option.


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