Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I've been making new friends

I'm clearly at that life-stage where we are programmed to re-produce as it seems my friends and colleagues are all having babies. I'm now 27 weeks pregnant and loving it, am certainly getting bigger everyday and people are visibly shocked when they see me after a week or so break.

I had the wonderful honour of meeting the newest arrival to my urban family at the weekend. A dear friend's beautiful bouncing baby boy who is now a whopping 3.5 weeks old. He is absolutely adorable and is already incharge of the household, its amazing how they manage that.

I made a couple of treats for this little cutie so he can be the talk of playgroup and make all his friends jealous of his designer one of a kind toys

The tag blanket
You may remember I made 2 of these a little while ago. Well one of them was planned for this little fellow. It really was amazing to see how fascinated he was with it. I knew that babies see contrast rather than colours so made this out of bold black and white fabric. He intently stared at it which really makes me question why the shops are filled with brightly coloured toys rather than simple contracting toys which attract the attention of the littlest ones???

The play mat

This was a slightly bigger project. Essentially a quilt made from medium weight cotton to be slightly more durable than the average bed-spread.

I made this with black and white on one side and brightly colours animals on the other so hopefully will stimulate a little longer than the early baby stages.

Well he certainly seems to be enjoying it.
Looking forward to more play time with my new friend soon


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