Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Little Patchwork Scottie Dog

I remember seeing a cute patchwork Scottie Dog online ages ago when search for something I fail to recollect now. The simple idea has stayed in my mind ever since. This afternoon I decided to have a go at creating one. Armed with the off cuts of a patchwork play mat, a doodle of the end goal and a few hours free, set off.


I started really well cutting the pieces to size and laying them out as below.


I then went ahead and stitched these together. Now dearest reader you are smarter than me, I'm sure you have already picked up my error, yes I stitched the fabric just as in these 2 photos, yes I stitched 2 left sides! Doh...

After a little swearing and a few chocolate biscuits I started on the right side.


I was almost finished....just a few more lines and crash my sewing machine jammed. My machine is nothing too special, a Janome which can do most basic stitches well but nothing overly special. After much tinkering, a bit of poking with a screw driver and many more failed sewing attempts I have admitted defeat. My machine is broken.

So, I'm faced with a dilemma....to fix or to replace?

I can't imagine a fix would be cheaper than £50 and that's if I can even find somewhere that does machine repairs. But then how much are sewing machines these days? I'd want to get a decent machine, probably one with lots of functions I will never use.

Oh what to do??

And with Christmas and birthdays so far away it looks like this is coming out of my pocket :(

My little Patchwork Scottie Dog will have to wait until I have a working machine, he will live on the corner of my desk till then


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