Sunday, 17 October 2010

Tiny toes

My little bundle of joy / tornado of trouble arrived on 6th October, a healthy little boy.

I've been wrapped up in enjoying him ever since and at the moment can't imagine having any crafty time soon so will be taking a little break whilst we all get to know each other.

Thanks to all my readers and I'll be back soon



  1. Congratulations! Have been wondering what news you had to share! Yes it'll be a long time before you get some crafting time! Hope all going well.I know how tough and tiring it can be at first {and overwhelming!!} but it does get better, and it may not seem so right now, but this time goes sooooo fast! enjoy. xxx

  2. What a lovely set of toes.
    The blanket looks good too!
    Keep enjoying the days, as Sarah says they go all too fast.


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