Thursday, 12 September 2013

#declutterday - Candles Update

Thanks for all the responses to my post last month on my minor candle purchasing addition
Hello my name is Becca and I am addicted to buying candles

I have managed to down size my candle stash somewhat - I sold some of the new ones on eBay for a little money - but hey it all counts towards the Mickey Mouse total doesn't it! See below for how I'm progressing towards my target.

Most of the post comments on my original post suggested I should attempt to recycle some of these into teacup candles. And when I spotted these teacups on a thrift stall it was decision made. I wasn't even meant to be at the fair, it was only a very last minute decision to join my husband at an event he was working at a local village 

Isn't it amazing what you can stumble on when you aren't looking  

Blue and gold teacups

I have no idea how to melt and then set candles, but I've a few candles still in my stash, wicks on order from eBay and the internet so am sure I can figure something out.

So now there my challenge is to make my teacup candles into a product I would be proud to give a friend or family member at this space! 


In other #Declutterday News....

Progress hasn't been great towards my cash target, I haven't been able to face listing things on eBay whilst dealing with a little boy who hasn't been well, so I'm quite disappointed with where I am the Mickey reveal. I'm seriously doubting that I'll be able to make enough money to fund our Florida holiday accommodation  

I have, however, managed to continue with the deal on removing at least 5 items from the house including
- one skirt - too short
- 1 pair of trousers - didn't fit anymore 
- 5 candles (yay!) 
 - a pile of old half used notebooks went into paper recycling 


  1. Those cups are gorgeous. Good find! Good luck with the rest of the de cluttering and Mickey fund. You can do it!

  2. Yes was pretty pleased with the find. Would be tempted to keep them if I wasn't already attempting to decutter!

  3. Oh I like the cups. I want to build up a collection of cups and saucers for when we have visitors, I really need to start going to places to not look for them ;)

    Every pound is contributing to your holiday fund so you are getting closer.

  4. Love the teacups :) I posted this tutorial on my blog a while ago if it helps? The main thing is to not put the wax on a direct heat or it could catch fire! Maybe melt them and use tongs to remove the wicks and then pour them? Good luck and looking forward to see how they go!


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