Friday, 16 August 2013

The week that was....

Well we have had a pretty rubbish week here. If you follow me on Facebook you may have read my moaning on Tuesday that my little man was sent home from nursery and excluded for 48 hours due to having 3 running nappies over 2 days. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him. 

I took Tuesday off work with no notice to look after him and my team at work were left to pick up the pieces in my absence. 

The little man went to work with Daddy on Wednesday and that is when the trauma accelerated.

My precious little boy fell over and grazed his knee....this was his first proper graze. Making a big thing of his big boy injury Daddy turned to the first aid box to get an elastoplast.

My little man blacked out and started to fit 

Never happened before

He came round after a very short time but wasn't really there 

Call an ambulance

I was at work in London - 1hr 45mins away. I was out of my office building like a shooting bullet, charging to the tube station whilst paramedics checked my little man's temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen

Daddy and little man were taken to the nearest hospital in the ambulance (no flashing lights which was a relief) 

At hospital my precious little boy was the same colour as the bed sheets and not talking or wriggling when I joined them. The Doctor checked his vitals and they were all normal, then suddenly my little man flickered back, his eyes sharpened, and he asked for a snack. 

That's my boy! 

Always eating

He was ok

He gradually came round over the next hour or so to be the cheeky 2yr old that I know and love. The staff were brilliant, we had a bed picnic and watched Cbeebies on my iPad whilst nurses and doctors checked on us regularly. 

We were moved from A&E to Pediatrics where more tests and examinations took place. 

Nothing was abnormal and nothing gave even a hint as to the cause of the fit. 

The doctor concluded that he had a Febrile Seizure, these are usually caused by an increase in temperature but can also be triggered by trauma.

My little man is fine. Yesterday Daddy and I wouldn't let him out of our sight. Today I have dropped him at nursery for a couple of hours. I would desperately love to keep him at home wrapped in cotton wool until he is 18 but that wouldn't be good for either of us. So I have to be strong and trust in the staff at nursery and the doctors who told me it probably won't ever happen again. 

Today I am about 5 minutes away from him. On Monday he will be back at nursery, I will be in 1hr 45mins away from him and Daddy will be at work 30 minutes away from him. I'm not looking forward to Monday.


  1. oh dear what a week. I'm glad he is okay now, but I 'm not surprised about your Monday reluctance. However, at least you know there are trained first aiders at nursery who will be able to look after him if it does happen again.

    The distance thing is a concern though. At the moment, both my children are in nursery 5 minutes drive from my work. But when school starts B will be 30 minutes away; I know that is not that far but it feels far.

    I hope he is well over the weekend and Monday morning is not to difficult for you.

  2. Oh my goodness you poor thing and your poor little boy! We had our first trip to A&E last week and while it wasn't as traumatic as yours it was still bad enough. The Husband is very much of the 'avoid all risks' sort but life does have to carry on. I hope you are ok on Monday, I'm sure your boy will be but there's nothing in the world that worries you as much as your kids x

  3. Aw, sorry to hear of your bad week. But, better he be sent home and NOT be anything wrong with him than be sent home and be seriously ill. Glass half full. :)


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